The data repository to support your maritime business needs 

Data Portfolio

Port & Terminal Info

  • Geo location & boundaries
  • Vessel handling capacities
  • Terminal and Berth Particulars
  • Pier dimensions & restrictions
  • Cargo gear & Manifold info

Vessel data

  • Principal particulars
  • Classification
  • Dimensions
  • Capacities
  • Ownership details

Vessel calls & Fixtures

  • Port call details covered for over 400 global ports
  • Berthing schedule
  • Cargo quantity details
  • Sourced through agents, port authorities & brokers

Carbon Intensity Index

  • Carbon emissions
  • Voyage records
  • Vessel CII report generation

Maritime Company List

  • Consolidated company list
  • Over 100,000 entities and offices listed
  • Covers across stake holder categories with address and type of entity details
  • POC details available 

Cargo data dictionary

  • A complete list of ocean cargo list
  • Hierarchy up to grade level
  • Predefined Oil, Gas and bulk nomenclature

Delivering a more valued and differentiated offering requires movement towards more advanced and predictive solutions. We at CargoWater provide both Static and Dynamic datasets that can be integrated into any ERP system to maintain a clean Master data, automate business process, create business intelligence to enhance growth and track industry movements

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